Bath & Body Moisturiser (bee free)

Bath & Body Moisturiser (bee free)

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Our Bath & Body moistuirsers are the perfect size for a super hydrating soak.

You simply pop one in the bath and emerge fully moistuirsed from your nose to your toes..

Our snap bars allow you to break off the right size ammount one chunk at a time. ( enough for 6 baths in a snap bar).


Also they are a great way to moistuirse children, minimum effort but maximum gain!  They are an assortment of shapes including: dinosaurs, flowers, animals and more.


These bars can also be used directly on the skin as a solid moistuirser🌿

  • Ingredients

    Our Bath & Body bars are made with Organic Cocoa, Shea & Mango butters that are food grade quality.  They are blended with pure Essential Oils.

    Essential Oils contain the following naturally occuring components; Eugenol, isoeugenol, cinronellol, geraniol, limonene & linalool.