Solid Moisturiser   


 Ino-Scents solid moisturisers & skin care oils are made with organic fair-trade ingredients. Combined with our essential oil blends they work together to promote wellbeing, balance & love along with super hydrated skin ðŸ’•



We simply love what we do...❤️

Creating beautiful organic products with pure essential oils..... in a magical setting.🌿

We make solid moisturiser that works with your mind body & soul.


We use essential oils that have a purpose. So all of our blends evoke a feeling of wellbeing and balance. Just a moment in the day to stop and smell the roses🌹


Our ethics are simple...

 Cruelty freeWe are plastic free & zero waste, all of our packaging is recyclable or compostable. All supplied by UK suppliers. We also reuse postal boxes and packaging we receive to reduce further waste.🌿


All of our ingredients are natural, organic and locally sourced where possible. There are no whistles, bells or glittery sparkle in any of our products.......they are just natural and pure.💕